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Restaurant - Middle Eastern

It might be dry, but it’s a city centre go-to and brightly decorated Bold Street oldie Bakchich dishes up authentic Lebanese hot and cold mezze and grilled meat and fish specialities alongside a new arsenal of Moroccan favourites in the form of tagines and couscous.

Yoghurty labneh and tzatziki are the perfect foil for harrissa-hot jewaneh meshawi chicken wings or chargrilled spicy nakaneek sausage. There’s grilled halloumi and hand-rolled falafel, and Middle Eastern winners fattoush salad (the one with the bread) and foul mudamas beans, traditionally served for breakfast, but satisfying any time of day. If the choice is overwhelming, boards are available, offering a good spread of the small plates as well as great value; all mezzes come with Arabic bread. If you eat meat, it would be a shame to not have a shawarma (lamb or chicken, or both together) as a platter or on a wrap, but then again the meshawi grill options are tempting and numerous: chicken shish, lamb kefta, marinated chops, whole seabream cooked over coals… There’s also chicken or lamb kabsa, a classic Arabian spice’n’rice number, and the baked eggs dish shaksouka. There’s even manakeesh pizza and Bakchich brioche burgers of all varieties, including salmon with pomegranate molasses, which makes a bit of a change.

Afters don’t disappoint, either, with the likes of tahini and halva brownies alongside hot sweet cheese and vermicelli konafa and plenty more besides. Still, who could resist proper baklava pastries served with vanilla ice cream washed down with a mojito mocktail? No, us neither.

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