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A table laded with dishes from Indigo Greens, an award-winning vegan restaurant in Liverpool.
A table laded with dishes from Indigo Greens, an award-winning vegan restaurant in Liverpool.
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Indigo Greens

Restaurant - Vegan

When Indigo Green owners Patti Bullock and Mark Aston announced their plan to open on Queens Drive, the reaction wasn’t exactly encouraging. “A vegan restaurant in Larkhill?” one person responded, “You’ll do shit.”

The sceptics are now eating their words between spoonfuls of omega 3-augmented bircher muesli. Indigo Greens is busy, even at quiet times. Since opening in 2018, it’s become known as the best destination in Liverpool for vegan food. It’s also won an award (from Vegfest UK 2019) naming it ‘best vegan restaurant in the UK’.

It’s housed in a rustic, cafe-like space with an earthy, hand-painted mural covering one wall. While upstairs there’s a wellness centre offering yoga, meditation and sound healing. This isn’t somewhere that tries to hide its peas and love roots in favour of an edgier, modern look. It’s vegan and proud – and with food like this, so it should be.

Recommendations include the TLT: griddled slices of organic tofu, infused with chilli, and boosted by beef tomato, lettuce, onion, drizzles of mayonnaise and grilled vegan dairy-free cheese. Or try the terracotta beans: beans on toast taken to a new level. Mediterranean braised beans are served with smokey chipotle and organic hummus, with with fresh herbs and a handful of sesame seeds. For drinks go for organic wine or one of their specialty teas.

Indigo Greens does takeaway and it runs a vegan meal prep service offering macro-measured portions of their cruelty-free, flavour-packed food. If veganism does become the new normal, please can it all taste as good as this? 

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