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Manchester City Centre

Lucky Foot | Escape to Freight Island

Restaurant - Global

“Free range birds, first class serves” goes the strapline of this too cool for school chicken shop dreamt up by three mates who met at Belzan in Liverpool – Owain, Chris Edwards and chef Sam Grainger. Lucky Foot’s menu was inspired by staff dinners at the restaurant – they’d take turns to make the crispiest, juiciest, most beautifully seasoned chicken.

Launched with a secret supper club to introduce themselves to Manchester in April 2022, Lucky Foot fried chicken is apparently best served with orange wine. The acidity perfectly cutting through the richness.

On the menu you can find grilled and fried chicken portions (thigh, fillet, breast, wings or whole bird) with hame made spice mixes and glazes. The Henry Cooper burger packs a fried chicken fillet into a potato bun with lettuce, mayo, crispy skin and cheese whilst the Hen Solo combines a spicy thigh with gochujang mayo, cheese and pickles. There are plenty of sauce options too, from miso to namm prik, yakitori to ranch.

Sides are amped up traditional chicken accompaniments. Think gravy jus, salt and vinegar mash, slaw, Ceasar salad and fries seasoned with chicken salt. There is even a QR code to a Spotify playlist on the menu.

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