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Manchester City Centre

Mi & Pho at Escape to Freight Island

Restaurant - Vietnamese

It’s good to see Mi & Pho at Escape to Freight Island. This family-run Vietnamese restaurant has been wow-ing the noodle-slurpers of Northenden for some time now. That it now has a permanent second home in the city centre is great news.

Their food has all the classic elements of Vietnamese cuisine: it’s super-fresh, colourful, healthy, and comforting. At Escape to Freight Island they offer a decent-sized menu that includes many of their most popular dishes: coconut curry, salt and pepper chicken, summer rolls, and of course, pho. 

You’ll be served this steaming noodle soup in a big earthenware bowl, with a scattering of fresh herbs on top, and chopsticks on the side. It’s not the easiest eat in the world but it is one of the most satisfying – and it suits the night market atmosphere of Freight Island particularly well.

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