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a selection from the menu at Sugo Pasta Kitchen, Ancoats, manchester
a selection from the menu at Sugo Pasta Kitchen, Ancoats, manchester
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Sugo Pasta Kitchen Manchester

Restaurant - Italian

With a menu plugging a passionately regional style of south Italian cooking, the second Sugo Pasta Kitchen sits happily in what was once known as Manchester’s Little Italy, Ancoats, famed for its Madonna del Rosario procession and ice cream makers.

“Best eaten with a spoon”, states Sugo’s menu – but this isn’t for dessert, this is for their generous dishes of fresh Pugliese pasta, made by the De Leonardis family in Altamura, Puglia – the southern coastal region of Italy that forms the heel of the country’s “boot”. Not for the faint hearted, House Sugo is orecchiette slathered in a ragu of slow-cooked beef shin, pork shoulder and ‘nduja. Similar to the “little ears”, strascinate is pulled longer by knife and teamed with a chilli-infused sauce. The small eggless pasta shells of cavatelli and the stretched form strozzapreti meet their match here, as in Italy, with green veg – the former, broccoli; the latter, courgette, broad beans and peas, with flavours of mint, ricotta and parmesan.

Starters include Italian favourites such as meatballs and breadcrumbed arancini; for desserts, think traditional offerings like panna cotta and cannoli (giving a nod to Sicily), and affogato with fior di latte gelato ice cream, perfect for Ancoats.

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46 Blossom Street, Ancoats, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 236 5264 www.sugopastakitchen.co.uk/manchester
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