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Tasting Bar & Kitchen

Restaurant - Global

If you really fancy taking your tastebuds on a round-the-world trip, then this is the place for you, with three very different cuisines chalked up alongside each other on the menu and destinations changing as quickly as the departures board at Schiphol Airport.

The rotating “Tasting Places” concept of the food on offer is inspired by owners Gill and Amanda’s trips abroad both before and after they met while working together in a local restaurant. Our reviewer got to sample plates from South Korea, Portugal and Argentina; when we next checked in, we were off to North India, Spain and Peru. The classic butter chicken curry is going to go mint with the aloo gobi, but then again those spiced potato and cauli pieces wouldn’t not work with the albondigas meatballs and that paratha would dip nicely into the accompanying tomato sauce. Meanwhile the citrus-zingy Peruvian mahi mahi ceviche could be a match made in heaven with the equally lime-friendly tilapia amritsari from Punjab. It’s up to you, but the idea is tapas-y mix and match small plates: pick a starter followed by a couple of dishes and accompaniments per person and see where they take you – literally. Each of the three sections serves up meat, fish or seafood, and vegetarian or vegan choices; gluten-free options are also available.

Continuing the suck-it-and-see idea, cocktails concocted around the globe are brought to the table, and there’s a gin tasting tray as well as a wine one. It almost goes without saying that wine tasting events are definitely a thing here – South American, English and fizz were planned when we last showed our boarding cards.

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20 Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 2AE, UK
Tel: 0151 245 2611 tastingbarandkitchen.co.uk Our review Read 15/20
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