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Manchester City Centre

Umezushi Omakase

Restaurant - Japanese

Nose-to-tail sushi from acclaimed experts in a genuine, off the beaten track location. This open-minded sushi parlour with simple decor comes up trumps in the food department with a menu that changes according to availability.

Widely regarded as one of the finest Japanese restaurants in the UK, highlights could include Hamachi sashimi (also known as Japanese Amberjack), toro sashimi, tuna belly full of buttery fat, and freshwater eel nigiri. Special mention also goes to wagyu nigiri.

Sushi sets could include hosomaki (four mini rolls), uramaki (reverse rolls), temaki (hand roll), gunkan (two battleship rolls).

It’s a menu to please the most jaded of diners. Wines and beers include lively Japanese Koshu wine, sake and European wines as well as beers like Asahi and Estrella.

With just 20 covers per month, £80 per person for the chef’s choice of fresh locally sourced fish and an ever-changing menu, a visit to Umezushi Omakase is one you’ll never forget.

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