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A burger from vegan diner V-Rev in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.
A burger from vegan diner V-Rev in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.
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Northern Quarter


Restaurant - Vegan

This diner selling vegan fast food made dreams come true when it first opened in the Northern Quarter back in 2015. V-Rev’s menu of jumbo hot dogs, mac n cheez balls, burgers, fried ‘chicken’ and loaded fries is firmly in the dirty food trend – yet ethically it’s spotless.

Their combination of indulgent, tasty, easy-eats – minus the environmental damage and animal slaughter – was what many younger vegans wanted but never thought possible. Hence queues around the block when it first opened.

That formula has proved to be more than a passing trend and V-Rev is still going strong. It helps that the food tastes good (yes, even to a meat-eater) and that the overall vibe of the place is bright and welcoming rather than preachy and staid. 

V-Rev is a diner rather than a restaurant – plastic chairs in primary colours work well against a stylish dark backdrop. Dishes are served in retro baskets on greaseproof paper for a casual, road-stop feel. The drinks are all vegan too, from the softs to the shakes to the beers and alcopops. 

There’s an ongoing debate about whether vegan food should try to mimic meat, or whether it’d be better off just accepting itself for what it is: a plant. V-Rev falls firmly into the first camp and its puntastic menu brings an element of joy and daftness to the proceedings. Current faves include the ‘Sorry Your Not a Weiner’ hot dog and the ’Burrito Ora’.

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V Rev Vegan Diner, Edge Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 806 0928 vrevmcr.co.uk Our review Read 13/20
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