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Manchester City Centre

Zizzi | Corn Exchange

Restaurant - Italian

In one of the prime locations on the storefront of Manchester’s Corn Exchange, Zizzi is pulling pizza bases and preening its pasta all in the name of bringing people together. Italian food with a few little differences is the Zizzi way. Think carbonara with spicy chorizo crumb or ‘nduja sausage and wild boar linguine.

Zizzi’s Rustica pizzas are the backbone of its menu – a long, lean crust means a crispy base, plenty of toppings and even more bang for your buck. Must-try menu highlights include the now TikTok famous pasta crisps, slow-cooked lamb and tomato rigatoni and a new six-layer lasagne.

Veggie and vegan options are abundant on the menu designed to cater for everyone. From its trademark little soul breads to a hot and spicy jackfruit pizza and an “all-the-greens’ risotto. Pasta and pizza can be gluten-free, and kids get their own special menu with some secretly veg-packed options created for fussy-eaters.

The restaurant in the Corn Exchange has a playful, underground park theme. Zizzi signature trees weave their way through the restaurant, complemented by illustrations from the talented young artist, Saroj Patel. Saroj has taken inspiration from one of the Manchester’s heraldic emblems – the worker bee – which symbolises the city’s industry and its hard-working citizens.

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