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Manchester City Centre

Pro-Balance Health


If you want help to get in shape but dread the thought of being left to flounder in a big, open gym environment, Pro-Balance Health could be for you.

It offers small-group weightlifting classes and one-to-one personal training in a well-equipped, private studio where you can learn and train with lots of expert guidance (and no unwanted audience).

It’s led by coach Andy Jeffries who has over 20 years’ experience behind him (including training Beyoncé when she was in the UK). Nowadays his clients range from competitive athletes to first-time gym-goers, and everyone in-between.

He’ll teach you how to lift weights safely and effectively, while an in-house nutritionist will help you with the food side of fitness. The studio also offers injury rehabilitation services and sports massage.

The location, just off Albert Square, is ideal for people working in the city centre who want to fit their sessions into the working week. Use it as a kickstarter for a healthier life. Six-week courses start from £99.

Pro-Balance Health, Jackson's Row, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 833 4777 www.pro-balance.co.uk
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