Another Heart To Feed

AHTF is an ecologically-minded coffee shop inspired by coffee culture capital of the world, Melbourne. They are a relative newcomer to the Didsbury scene having moved from their original home on Chapel Street due to problems with their landlord. Coffee is their speciality, after spending several years living in Melbourne where bad coffee is simply not tolerated. They also have a small but carefully crafted menu of breakfasty-stuff like toasted banana bread with maple syrup, mixed berries, toasted walnuts, vanilla mascarpone, raspberry coulis and (pause for breath) violet sugar, that you can order ‘all day’, well, until 3pm.

Keeping it local and sharing the love is clearly high on their list of priorities, with an exhaustive list of their local suppliers, such as Trove bakery in Levy and Plucky Pickle in Hale, taking centre stage on their menus. Prominent too, is their focus on sustainability, they only use fully compostable take away containers for food and drinks, and you can even grab a bag of their used coffee grinds to take away and use as fertiliser, for free.

Another Heart To Feed, Burton Road, Manchester, UK


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