Chapati Cafe

Indian subcontinent

Chapati cafe is a true gem in the tradition of the good old ‘three and rice’ that every true Mancunian holds dear. Your rainbow of curries comes served on a compartmentalised metal tray which some may say are reminiscent of lunch at Strangeways but it’s actually how lunch is often served in ashrams, cafes and from street vendors all over India, so there. Anyway, are you even a modern Chorltonite if you haven’t done a yoga course in Rishikesh?

The menu itself changes daily, with seven or eight dishes to choose from, about two-thirds of which are vegan, as is also common in India. Their namesake flatbreads are freshly made on site, authentic and perfect for mopping up that moreish masala. Anxious types can check out their daily menus on the website but there’s also a daily chalkboard of specials, sometimes appearing on Twitter.

As the name suggests, this is not a fancy restaurant, but a cute cafe with plastic chairs and some pretty ceramic tile decor, and all the better for it. Pop in for a bargain, casual lunch or grab one of their big pots to take away. Bringing back your empties for recycling is encouraged. Extra points for that.



  • Good for vegans
Chapati Cafe - Curry In A Cafe, Wilbraham Road, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 425 1320 Our review Read


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