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Plant-based burgers from Frost Burgers, a 100% vegan fast food restaurant in Liverpool city centre.
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Frost Burgers Liverpool


Plant-based burgers and dairy-free shakes from a tattoo-covered Instagram star. Frost Burgers was the most zeitgeisty opening in Liverpool when it launched on World Vegan Day in 2018. Some would say it still is. 

Influencer Monami Frost is the brains behind the brand. And while her huge online following may have created the initial flurry of attention, those queues wouldn’t still be there if the food wasn’t as good as it is.

Frost Burgers does chicken-free and beef-free burgers piled high with sloppy, juicy extras such as melted vegan cheese, jalapeños and a mighty fit chipotle sauce. It’s the vegan version of dirty food, and comes complete with a range of gleefully OTT ‘ultimate shakes’. Maple shake topped with whipped cream and bacon bits, anyone?

Buy your burgers and shakes to eat in or to takeaway. It’s a fast food joint so don’t expect anything too plush: Frost Burgers Liverpool is small and functional with a bold graffiti backdrop that’s designed to look good on the ‘gram. Just wipe that burger juice from your chin first.

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  • Good for vegans
  • Good for vegetarians
Frost Burgers, Wood Street, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 709 3434 www.frostburgers.com Our review Read 16/20
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