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Grilla Hardman Street


Grilla fast became a hit when it opened back in 2015, thanks to its cool Scandinavian interior and a contrasting menu of rustic, home-spun Greek food. 

All the healthy people who scan a menu looking for a protein and salad option will love this place. It specialises in grilled meats served with crunchy salads and homemade sauces, including one of the best tzatzikis we’ve tasted. 

Everything is made from scratch including the soft, spongy pitta bread. Enjoy it in a stylish setting that feels warm, calm and welcoming: think pale wood and cushions with lots of candles and succulents.

There’s also a ‘party room’ for events and a bar which offers drinks deals on Thursdays.

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  • Good for meat
Grilla Hardman Street, Hardman Street, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 345 0940 www.grillarestaurant.co.uk
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