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Maison Breizh at Escape to Freight Island


Brittany – sat in the upper corner of north west France – is home to world-class shellfish, seaweed, sea salt, butter and cider, and Maison Breizh celebrates the best of modern Breton food and drink, starting with galettes and crêpes then expanding the menu as time goes on.

Breton for Brittany, Breizh – pronounced “brez” or “brayz” is proud to be one of the six Celtic nations with its own language, culture and independent spirit, and currently undergoing a renaissance as a go-to for fantastic food and drink. Through qualified crêpier Andrew Savill, who trained in St Malo and lives in Chorlton, Maison Breizh aims to recreate that culinary experience here in Manchester, serving up authentic Breton recipes using high-quality geographically protected ingredients from the land and sea. Right now, Maison Breizh – at its new more permanent Freight Island base following pop-ups at markets around the UK – serves up the humble galette and famous crêpe using the finest IGP Breton buckwheat, known as blé noir or sarrasin. Organically grown, it is considered the star of the region: naturally gluten-free, it “ferments beautifully” and has a unique taste – tangy, earthy and nutty with a light bitterness (it also lends its flavour to honey, tea and even whisky). Once the base is ready, Andrew adds “some simple pleasures from north west England” (see what he’s done – north west France meets north west England) – Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese curds, smoke-cured ham and free-range eggs from Cheshire, for example, or Daresbury Dairy ice cream.

With both sweet and savoury galettes and crêpes for the eating at Maison Breizh, you can have a full meal in one sitting – and next time there’ll be even more of the true taste of Brittany.

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  • Good for vegetarians
Escape to Freight Island, Baring Street, Manchester M1 2PZ, UK
Tel: 07887 767400
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