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Table of food at Paloma Bar and Grill, Prestwich, Bury, Manchester
Table of food at Paloma Bar and Grill, Prestwich, Bury, Manchester

Paloma Bar & Kitchen


Paloma Bar & Kitchen is a love song to all things Spanish. It’s a beautiful place inside and it has a large outdoor space too so you can pretend you’re in one of Madrid’s many plazas rather than outside Prestwich’s Longfield Suite.

It’s clearly ran by a man with a passion for Spanish food – you’ll find well-sourced platters of cured meats, majestic croquetas, vibrant pan con tomates and smoky baby chicken. Everything looks fresh, colourful and utterly charming.

There’s a tasty Full Spanglish on the brunch menu too with home-made merguez sausages, home-cured bacon and morcilla among the usual suspects.

It’s not just about the food, tasty though that is. The drinks are equally tip-top with the mixology crew crafting cocktails and serving some cheeky Spanish sherries too. Why sherry isn’t a big thing in the UK, is a source of constant mystery. Go, eat Spanish food and drink sherry on the terrace.

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  • Great outdoor spot
Paloma bar and kitchen, Paloma bar & kitchen, Longfield Suite, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1AY, UK
Tel: 0161 989 0579 palomabarandkitchen.co.uk
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