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Crispy tofu and vegetarian noodles at Peck & Yard, Ancoats, Manchester
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Peck & Yard Manchester

Pan Asian

Ok, so Peck & Yard in Ancoats is more of a takeaway than a bona fide restaurant but there are seats and tables and the fried chicken is the best in the area so it’s made it into the Confidential Guide – hope that doesn’t ruffle too many feathers.

This place doesn’t have much in the way of online presence but if you know, you know, and the Pan-Asian fried chicken has plenty of presence – all slathered in a choice of eleven different home-made sauces.

As well as perfecting the art of crisp but juicy fried chicken and nailing the burger with their pow-pow stack, the folks at Peck & Yard are downright lovely. So go and grin greasily from ear to ear, elbow deep in a Peck & Yard poultry feast – Pan-Asian cauliflower and halloumi also available.

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  • Good for meat
52 Great Ancoats St, Manchester M4 5AB, UK
Tel: 07887 916653 www.facebook.com/peckandyard
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