The blue neon sign of Recardo's in Hale - a cafe by day and bar and club by night.
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Patisserie by day, bar and club by night, Recardo’s landed on Hale’s Ashley Road in summer 2021. It’s a boujee-style place with the unashamed aim of keeping the Cheshire set close to home on their nights out rather than Uber-ing all their cash into Manchester.

Go in the day however and it’s the kind of cafe-bar everyone likes to have in their neighbourhood. It’s open from early for coffees, cakes, savouries, and cocktails, all served against a backdrop of flower garlands and Millennial pink.

At night, head downstairs to find Hale’s answer to Studio 54. Spirits are sold by the bottle and the soundtrack is strictly 70s, 80s and disco classics, with guest DJs playing most weekends. It’s open till 2.30am Friday and Saturdays . 

The eponymous Recardo, by the way, is Recardo Patrick – a former soul singer turned hospitality entrepreneur who has several decades of experience in launching bars and clubs.

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Recardo's, Ashley Road, Hale, Altrincham, UK
Tel: 0161 941 7110
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