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Sardus Cucina


Sardus, named after the mythological hero that christened the tiny island in his own name, is a sleek little Sardinian Cucina. Fitting in alongside the other less-represented cuisines that Altrincham is slowly becoming known for, it offers dishes familiar enough to your favourite Italian gaff but with interesting Sardinian twists to ring the changes. So your Caprese salad starter comprises the usual juicy tomatoes, milky mozzarella and basil but with the addition of bottarga, a salty grey mullet roe.

Other specialities include malloreddus, tiny shell-like gnocchi served with a rich tomato and pork sausage ragu, and crispy pane carasau, otherwise known as sheet-music bread for its parchment-esque appearance. This is served with its crunch intact alongside some dippable accoutrements, or dunked in broth and layered up with tomato sauce and pecorino and topped with a poached egg to become pane frattau. If you need another reason to visit, the wine list at their sister branch on Deansgate was recently described by Confidentials’ Neil Sowerby as ‘arguably the finest Sardinian wine list in the country’. Altrincham’s list is shorter but still packs a punch.


  • Good for meat
  • Good for seafood
  • Great wine
Sardus Cucina, Ashley Road, Altrincham, UK
Tel: 0161 927 9001 Our review Read


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