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The interior of Solita NQ - an American restaurant and bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter.
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Solita Manchester NQ


Behind the slate-black brick facade, in the glow of red neon, Solita in the Northern Quarter is the OG, where the flavours and styles of New York and Italy were first blended, the legendary Big Manc sandwich was born and the 100% British Wagyu beefburger dream began.

Now stretching across the North, Solita claims to be the UK’s only all British Wagyu restaurant group, sourcing the special marbled beef for its burgers, dogs and steaks from the Yorkshire-based Warrendale Wagyu consortium, whose farmers strive to produce the highest- quality slow-growing cattle sustainably, with animal welfare a priority. It tastes good too, served as flat iron or sirloin, or in a toasted brioche bun or pretzel roll with house Solita slaw. The daddy of the burgers is the aforementioned Big Manc, a 16oz Wagyu beef patty loaded with special sauce, pickles, lettuce and cheese; there’s also the PBJD creation: a 8oz Wagyu burger with crunchy peanut butter, classic burger cheese, crispy bacon and jam donut. Ask about the Blast From The Past, an inventive notion that sees a previous menu favourite reincarnated for a short spell. But it’s not all about “the best burger you can get hold of” – if you have beef with beef, you’re not excluded as there are plenty of wings and things. Vegetarian mac’n’cheese bites have been on the menu since day one, and the main mac’n’cheese is available in various flavours alongside the original (and, some might say, the best). There are BBQ pork ribs, slow cooked for 36 hours, and those chicken wings are buffalo rather than breaded, with quite a choice, half of which are hot hot hot. The Solita Fish Bar serves up a southern-inspired selection featuring lobster and crayfish, soft shell crab plus beer-battered catch of the day with bloody Mary sauce.

Talking of which, there’s a host of cocktails and more to quaff while you chow, and don’t turn your back on the Rocky Road brownies and Northern Bloc ice cream if you still have space.

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