Aburi served at Sushi Bar HanaMatsuri, a Confidential Guides recommended Japanese restaurant in Meanwood, Leeds
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Sushi Bar HanaMatsuri


Sushi Bar HanaMatsuri is a small Japanese restaurant serving authentic sushi, bento and other Japanese delicacies, to create a fine-dining experience.

Ingredients are sourced from Japan, including yellowtail, wagyu beef, and Japanese vegetables prepared strictly according to traditional Japanese methods to ensure quality and authenticity.

Omakase (loosely translated as Chef’s Selection) is a Japanese fine-dining tradition where the customer entrusts the construction of their meal to the chef.

As owner-chef Kaoru Nakamura begins the planning of his dishes early in the day, reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance. For those who prefer to choose, there is also an a la carte menu with a range of nigiri, hosomaki rolls, sashimi, kaisen-don and traditional small plates of pickles, vegetable and egg dishes.

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