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The 5 x 5: Marc Wilkinson

5 years ago
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5 favourite cookbooks

MW: “Prisma – Frank Haasnoot, Au Coeur des Saveurs – Frederic Bau, The Ritz – Jon Williams, Astrance – Pascal Barbot and Manresa – David Kinch – because I’ve got a man crush on him. I think he’s the nuts. I went there two years ago to eat there because of Mind of a Chef. I watched the TV series and he blew me away so I thought, I need to eat there. I went there to eat and obviously I got the book. He was just like he is portrayed on Mind of a Chef, the series on Netflix, he was just the same. I was hoping he was going to be. This kind of hippyish, food obsessed, down to earth genuine person that he comes across as, and he was, because I talked to him for about 40 minutes after the meal and he showed me around the kitchen and stuff.”

5 essential spices, herbs or flavours

MW: “Cardamom, Kaffir lime leaf, Yuzu, Star anise, Miso.”

5 things you loved to eat as a child

MW: “I was fed poorly as a child. My mother was a shocking cook! But we got Viennetta as a special treat if we behaved. It’s not very exciting my childhood, food-wise, it was very bland. I have to say apple pie, toast – I love toast. Still, to this day I love toast. Eccles cakes, love em. And roast potatoes. My dad used to do amazing roast potatoes. My dad was a better cook than my mother. He used lard. I use duck fat.”

5 things on your wishlist at the moment

MW: “I’m always craving plates, always. New plates, new design plates, the latest plates. I’m always craving plates. I’m always buying plates. A dough sheeter would be great. The problem is at Fraiche I’ve got no space left so I can’t have any more toys. I dream about having a pair of Nexus 2000s because I DJ. I’ve got a semi-professional kit, I’m on Pioneer. That new Denon, the four-wave system they’ve just brought out is pretty nuts, and an Eccles cake van – like an ice cream van but for Eccles cakes. A dog is also high on my list if only I had the spare time.”

5 things that we might be surprised to learn about you

MW: “I’m a DJ – If I wasn’t a chef I’d be a DJ. My favourite kind of music is EDM. You wouldn’t think it. That comes from youth you know when you’re clubbing and stuff, all the Cream period and all that malarky. The tapestry of youth. That’s stuck with me. I live with permanent vertigo which rises and falls all the time. I have a love of poetry. The only time I have experienced the feeling of being star-struck was when I came face to face with Prince one late night in London, as a huge fan, I lost the power of speech and ended up nodding at him. What a muppet! And when I was younger I travelled through Europe for 3 months sleeping rough and living off bread and fruit.”

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