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The neighbourhood guide to Ancoats

Back in Victorian times, a trot around Ancoats would have you tripping over sickly urchins and dodging razor-happy street gangs amongst overcrowded slums and thundering warehouses. Now you’re more likely to trip over a half-eaten cruffin discarded by a digital marketeer outside a Vietnamese street food diner – the one next to the Japanese tea place.

Once the industrial heart of the city, Ancoats is now the epicentre of all that’s new and hip in Manchester. The coming of shiny new apartment blocks has initiated a rush to feed and entertain their residents, so the last few years have seen a number of the region’s most exciting food and drink businesses open in the area, as well as cool gyms, barbers, theatres, and more.

You’ll find all our Ancoats recommendations below. Use the filters on the left to narrow down your search.

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