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The buzzy restaurant floor at San Carlo Cicchetti in Manchester city centre

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The buzzy restaurant floor at San Carlo Cicchetti in Manchester city centre

We’re guessing you’re here because you’re looking for somewhere to eat. Good, because this is Confidential Guides and we’re here to help.

Why did we create Confidential Guides?

Aside from providing a handy resource for our readers, there’s another key motive behind Confidential Guides. Over the last few years, we’ve grown tired of being underrepresented in nearly all major restaurant guides. Northern restaurants are, it seems, an afterthought; a bit of a chore and an accessory to the usual London love-in. And that just won’t do. This region has some of the best produce, talent and passion not only in the UK but in Europe – sod it, the whole bloody world. So if they’re not going to do it, we will. And do it better.

Why should you listen to us?

You might know our parent site, confidentials.com. Founded in 2003, it’s now one of the North’s leading digital lifestyle magazines; drawing millions of annual visitors with quality local content on everything from arts to architecture, politics to pavements (don’t ask) and of course first-class food and drink coverage. With chef interviews, new openings, impartial restaurant reviews and more besides, our finger is firmly on the region’s culinary pulse.

That’s why we founded Confidential Guides in 2018, as a handy resource that pools our collective knowledge to help readers choose where to spend there their hard-earned smackeroonies. It began with our Top 100, a hotlist of top-notch restaurants across the North, and has since expanded to include more expansive venue directories; beginning with the North West, and with plans to ultimately cover the wider North. From fine dining favourites to humble backstreet gems, there’s something for every budget and occasion.

How do we choose which restaurants to include?

We hope you find the guide useful and we welcome your feedback.


The Confidential Guides team.

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