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An American-style breakfast at Juniper Hale
An American-style breakfast at Juniper Hale
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Juniper Hale


Juniper Hale is known for its excellent coffee which you can also buy online to enjoy at home. If you’re a caffeine geek, it’s a blend of sweet Brazilian arabicas, soft and fruity Latin American arabicas and full-bodied Indian robustas.

It’s not just about the coffee though. Smoothies, juices and health shots are popular too. Juniper Hale specialises in breakfast, brunch and lunch with an emphasis on healthy eating. Typical menu options include eggs benny, sea bass and chicken souvlaki. There are kosher and halal options as well as plenty to keep vegetarians happy.

You can treat yourself too with luxury milkshakes, indulgent lattes and hot chocolates. We recommend the naughty mocha with Nutella, whipped cream, gold leaf and Ferrero Rocher. The ambassador is spoiling us. Pancakes, French toast and burgers prove Juniper’s food offering is not all about lean, clean and green eating.

You can easily see why this place is so popular: great service, a pleasant atmosphere and quality food for all sorts of different diets, including fussy children.

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