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Restaurant - Scandi

If it’s a daytime pitstop you need, head to Malmo, where all your Scandi breakfast, brunch and lunch needs will be met. You don’t even have to remember your passport – this Malmo is in the city centre, not Sweden, but a smorgasbord of fresh coffee and homemade cakes is guaranteed.

‘Proudly independent’, Malmo was set up in 2017 by Jessie and Amy, two friends with over 20 years combined experience in hospitality and ‘a real passion for simple but perfect food’. Sourcing their ingredients from local sustainable suppliers – think artisan bread from Baltic Bakehouse and streaky bacon from the Lake District – everything is made from scratch, be that the berry compote that teams with the mixed nut muesli or the smoked mackerel pâté on toast topped with apple and radish slices, dill and chopped sun-blushed tomatoes, with rocket and balsamic on the side. There’s plenty for the vegetarian connoisseur, such as ‘eggs in purgatory’: two free-range poachees served in a fiery tomato and fennel sauce with fried potatoes, Parmesan and chives. The wild garlic mushrooms (we’re not sure if it’s the garlic that’s wild or the mushrooms, but, you know what, we don’t care if it eats as good as it sounds) on artisan toast with truffle oil, grated cured egg yolk, Parmesan and chopped parsley can also be vegan; just ask. The freshly smashed lemony avocado topped with tri-coloured cherry tomatoes, chives and mixed seeds is proud to be plant based, and you can swap out the toast for a bagel, if you prefer. Bagels make their way onto the sandwich list (also available with a side of the seasonal salad special), not least in the house salt beef brisket offer, which also piles in the smoked Cheddar, Dijon mayo, sauerkraut and pickles.

For something sweet, there is of course the cake selection (think the likes of homemade chocolate orange marble cake or extra virgin olive oil cake or orange and grapefruit upside down cake with almond sponge…). There’s also something called a Dutch Baby, which is a ‘pillowy’ sweet dough cooked in a hot skillet and topped with either homemade lemon curd, fresh blueberries and fresh mint or chocolate hazelnut sauce, sliced banana and mixed seeds. Yes, yes, we know.

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