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The Moorcock Inn will close in January

Confidential Guides    2 years ago

In a decision that has taken the world of Northern hospitality by surprise, award-winning restaurant, The Moorcock Inn, announced that it will close its doors in January 2023.

Bursting onto the scene in 2017, team Alisdair Brooke-Taylor (chef) and Aimee Turford (front of house) caught the eye of national food critics and diners alike with foraged and regional ingredients served in a back-to-basics pub setting.

Writing about the closure, Manchester Confidential cited an email newsletter that was sent out to The Moorcock Inn’s subscribers:

In honesty, we have barely caught our breath from the last two years, and now costs in every area spiral, recession looms, there is the prospect of supply issues, the world is an unstable place right now. Frankly, it’s just no time to be running a small business like ours.” 

It will be a real blow to the industry, but the duo are not dwelling on it.

We still have almost four seasons ahead of us and we are going to attempt to do our best work yet for this final chapter. We would absolutely love to see as many of you are possible – so that each service that remains is like a little mini-celebration in its own right.”

Read the full story about The Moorcock Inn’s closure on Confidentials and make sure to book your table at the Sowerby Bridge restaurant before it says goodbye.

The unassuming exterior of The Moorcock Inn in Sowerby Bridge: a Confidential Guides recommended restaurant
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