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Bubble tea from Uncle T at Circle Square, Manchester
Bubble tea from Uncle T at Circle Square, Manchester
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Oxford Road

Uncle T


Uncle T at Circle Square serves up boba that’s been freshly made in-house for added flavour. Expect big, bright bubble teas that are ideal for snapping a picture to share on Instagram.

Mainly focusing on traditional flavours like milk teas and taro, Uncle T has perfected their recipes and pouring techniques to create an aesthetically-stunning and tasty serve.

Choose from a range of toppings including various coloured jellies and tapioca pearls, each designed to compliment different fruit and milk-based teas.

As well as their signature bubble teas, Uncle T also create a range of milkshakes and slushes including Nutella and strawberry.

They also stock the on-trend dessert, cake in a tin, although these aren’t made on-site. They’re from a brand called Cannery and come in flavours including ‘Mango Mousse’.

Uncle T, Vita Living East Circle Square, 9 Nobel Wy., Manchester M1 7FT, UK
Tel: 0161 546 6944 www.unclet.co.uk
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