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Aunty Ji’s

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

Aunty Ji’s is fast becoming one of Levenshulme’s favourite cafes thanks to its friendly, all-comers vibe and a menu that marries Indian street food with modern brunch style eats.

Typical dishes include their Aunty’s Full English: an Indian take on a big breakfast with lamb sausages, Indian spiced hash browns, and house masala beans, alongside the expected mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs and sourdough. Or go for their buttermilk pancakes which are served with saffron rabri cream, fresh orange, crystallised pistachio, and hazelnut.

‘Wholesome and hearty’ characterises much of the menu, from the paneer and raita-stuffed ’Naan-whiches’, to their coconut laced curries, and half roasted chickens served with herby chickpea salads and crunchy slaw. For drinks go for homemade softs such as their house rose lemonade.

It’s a hangout spot as well as a place to eat. Daytimes, there’ll be WFH-ers sipping cortados and chai in front of their laptops, while evening events include live music, art workshops, and comedy nights. At weekends, it gets a busy brunch crowd of locals and folks from further afield who’ve travelled there thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations.

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