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Bondi Bowl at Kampus - a healthy place to eat in Manchester.
Bondi Bowl at Kampus - a healthy place to eat in Manchester.
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Bondi Bowls

Restaurant - Healthy

If you’re at Piccadilly Station wondering where you can get something nutritious and fresh to take on your train journey, this spot at nearby Kampus is worth the five-minute walk. Bondi Bowls takes healthy fast food to another level with its macro-measured salads, soups, smoothies, and shots.

Popular options include the caesar bowl with its mix of lettuce, kale, tomatoes, GF croutons, spinach, spiced coconut, dukkah and caesar crumb. Add your choice of protein (the miso salmon is our favourite) and one of their turmeric and ginger shots, and suddenly you’re eating like a super-svelte wellness influencer (for one meal at least).

Much of the menu is plant-based, and they’ve mastered the art of ensuring your good-for-you food also tastes good, with lots of fresh herbs, spices, and naturally sweet elements like glazed banana and fresh raspberry ripple.

Coffeeheads will be delighted to know that Bondi Bowls serves top quality brews from All Presses, or you could opt for some local kombucha – they have it on tap.

Eat in or takeaway. You’ll be the envy of your carriage when you crack open one of their protein balls.

Bondi Bowls, Bondi Bowls @ Kampus, Chorlton Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 07391 181595 www.bondibowls.co.uk/menu
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