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Croma Didsbury Manchester Pizza
Croma Didsbury Manchester Pizza
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Croma Didsbury

Restaurant - Italian

The newest addition to the Croma family, the Didsbury restaurant has all the features that make its south Manchester sister in Chorlton so popular. Namely, a reliable combination of quality pizzas, accessible pricing, and good service. 

Like Chorlton, it has a terrace at the front for al fresco eats and drinks. And although it’s not as light and airy inside, they’ve made it feel equally welcoming thanks to warm, unpretentious decor.

Croma Didsbury is a wonderful all-rounder. It’s a sound choice whether you’re looking for a chic place to eat and drink with friends, or somewhere you can take children without fear of being scowled at by staff. It’s an easy, slightly obvious option perhaps, but it always delivers.

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