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Manchester City Centre

Croyaki Tea | Corn Exchange

Restaurant - Chinese

Right on trend, Croyaki Tea is a bubble tea cafe that has made the trip from Hong Kong to settle right here in Manchester. Its tea, which is imported from Taiwan, is freshly brewed and prepared daily to an exacting formula.

Croyaki’s signature tea is an oolong and green tea blend, but the flavours and combinations are endless. Try a peach iced tea with strawberry boba, a matcha red bean latte with mini mochi or a brown sugar milk tea with tapioca pearls. All are served in cute branded cups with the Croyaki leaping fish logo.

Speaking of fish, freshly made sweet Japanese-style taiyaki cakes are also available at Croyaki with red bean paste or chocolate inside, as well as bubble waffles and ice cream.

Cakes and desserts are also on the counter, as well as hot drinks and seasonal goodies.

Find Croyaki at the Fennel Street entrance to The Corn Exchange.

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