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Manchester City Centre

Döner Haus | Corn Exchange

Restaurant - European

Döner Haus brings Berlin Kebabs (or kebaps as they’re known) to the Corn Exchange. The menu is supplemented with platters, schnitzel and bratwurst dishes, plus salads if you must.

There’s a bit of a 70s motorway services vibe going on at Döner Haus, all tan leather banquette seating and lots of brown. It looks good nevertheless and the food looks great, or as great as doner meat, flatbread and their various accoutrements ever can look.

It certainly makes you want to tuck in. This isn’t 2am kebab regret, the food at Döner Haus is zingy and perky and the menu is full of imagination. On the kebab front, you’ll find things like checkpoint cheesy with mozzarella and cheddar melted over Berlin doner and served in a pitta with onions, coriander and chilli sauce as well as the Mustafa, a chicken shawarma with chargrilled vegetables served in a pitta with mint, coriander, chilli sauce and garlic sauce then finished off with a squeeze of lemon and some feta cheese.

There are falafel options for vegetarians and vegan wheat protein wursts too.

Everyone knows Berlin is a cool city – turns out even their kebabs are cool.

Find Döner Haus Cafe at the Fennel Street entrance to The Corn Exchange.

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