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Elite 60

Restaurant - Global

Sitting proud in one of Hope Street’s iconic Georgian Quarter buildings, Elite 60 is set over three floors: as well as the main restaurant on ground level, there’s a bar space downstairs for enjoying classic and signature cocktails, while the first floor area is available for private dining.

Elite 60 is the brainchild of Bayram Yuce, the chef behind the likes of Kassap and Macello, with the intention of showcasing his unique modern cuisine, international flavour combinations, sophisticated cooking style and focus on quality ingredients. Key to the concept are the best cuts of meat, the freshest catch and seasonal vegetables – think Wagyu steak, crab and lobster, and globe artichoke, treated with respect and well presented. Chef Yuce calls his offer “fine food”, rather than exclusively fine dining, and he draws his inspiration from many different cultures to create his à la carte and four-course tasting menu, as well as his separate steak menu and Sunday lunch. Meat is where most of the menus sit, with the likes of the Italian-inspired Piedmont sautéed lamb served with tagliatelle and the Geneva: “leaves” of fillet steak served with Café de Paris sauce and fries. Pescatarians have plenty of seafood choices, such as grilled octopus with honey-mustard and pesto sauce, while fish, such as lemon sole fillet or seabream, is served with mixed vegetables and paneer potato balls. Vegetarian options, meanwhile, include the likes of vegetable sushi and tomato tea served with aromatic focaccia and soft cheese; we feel this ain’t no country for practitioners of a plant-based diet.

Since Chef Yuce trained as a pastry chef, masterpiece desserts are a given, while digestifs are definitely a thing, with an extensive choice of vintage spirits including whiskies and Cognac, oh, and cigars. Smokers can enjoy the Cuban cigar selection outside in Elite 60’s smoking area.

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60 Hope Street, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 707 6060 elite60.co.uk
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