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Evuna Altrincham
Evuna Altrincham
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Evuna Altrincham

Restaurant - Spanish

One of four restaurants in the Evuna sisterhood, the Altrincham venue gets added atmosphere from the lively open kitchen and long tapas bar made for cosying up over those authentic small plates.

There’s also an exclusive area for groups of up to 30, perfect for private parties and Evuna’s legendary wine tastings – the mini-chain is known for its range of uniquely hand-selected, award-winning, quality imports from Spain. The Altrincham outlet also offers a special set menu for Sunday lunch, with beef, chicken, salmon or vegan roasts bookended by classic Spanish-inspired starters and desserts.

Food wise, classics include the traditional Spanish vegetarian omelette, tortilla de patatas, and gluten-free giant garlic prawns with chilli and oil. Crackers for croquetas? There’s a choice of goats cheese croquetas with aioli, spiced chickpea croquetas with mint yoghurt sauce and Iberian jamón croquetas with parsley aioli. Pork plays big here, from cured meat boards to slow-cooked pork cheeks, as does pescados, with a specialist seafood paella to share.

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84-86 Stamford New Road, Altrincham, UK
Tel: 0161 928 9898 evuna.com/restaurant/altrincham
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