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Albert Dock


Restaurant - Pan Asian

Innovative Pan Asian cuisine and an ‘exotic adventure’ are promised at Matou, on the second floor of the Ferry Terminal (cooler than it sounds), but if that’s not enough to tempt you in, how about spectacular views of the waterfront and the iconic Three Graces from a massive terrace?

The menu proffers dishes from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and China, plus a selection of signature fusion dishes. Let’s take a tour… From Malaysia, a curry sees chicken cooked on the bone in coconut milk with Malaysian spices, onions, curry leaves and potatoes. Thailand is represented by, among other things, its national dish, the soul-soothing pad Thai with stir-fried flat rice noodles and chicken, prawns, beansprouts, carrots and spring onions, the famous egg and a sprinkling of crushed peanuts. Next comes traditional Singapore vermicelli: rice noodles stir fried with peppers, onions, beansprouts, char sui pork and prawns. Japan can only mean salmon teriyaki, chargrilled and served with egg noodles (the fish section is also heavy on different styles of sea bass). Chinese cuisine perhaps wins over with most dishes – there’s a good deal of wok action – but who could resist the comfort food of Matou’s special chow mein, offering a choice of soft or crispy egg noodles stir fried with chicken, beef, king prawns and veg in oyster sauce? The menu items are numbered from one to 99, so if decisions prove difficult, there is a choice of set menus, each giving you a taste of all the cuisines, and a number of platters, including dim sum.

It’s a very Western drinks selection, but there is Tiger beer both bottled and draught. The list of cocktails is extensive, and of course includes a Singapore sling, but also the rather unique Tokyo Lychee Tea: gin, Kwai Fei lychee, cold jasmine tea and cola. Matou even has an exclusive lounge and dining area for 70 people, perfect for private functions or special events.

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Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1DP, UK
Tel: 0151 236 2928 www.matou.co.uk
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