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The Alchemist New York Street Manchester
The Alchemist New York Street Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

The Alchemist Manchester New York Street

Restaurant - Global

The Alchemist on New York Street is the second of three Manchester venues and nicely turned out, with bags of space and plenty of gold. And while base metals don’t magically become that precious commodity here, theatre is promised at The Alchemist.

This is evident not least in the cocktail department – sorry, molecular mixology – where names such as the Colour Changing One and Dry Iced Tea reflect the content (and sometimes fleeting special effects) of those chemistry lab beakers and flasks stacked behind the bar – sorry, apothecary. Interesting serving ideas seep over into the food menu, too, and you can experience “delicious all-day dining with a twist”, including self-dosing Cheddar and chorizo dough balls and chicken in a basket, that’s literally chicken in a chicken-shaped basket. Flavours are both trad British and hyperglobal, with all tastes catered for, from healthy vegan Buddha bowls to carb-heavy bagels and buns served with fries. Think along the lines of “miso buttered” steaks (fillet or ribeye) and fish and chips, with “black activated charcoal batter”, Peking duck wrap and Cajun breaded halloumi. Arrive early doors and check out the All That Glitters menu, which, for a fixed price, gets you three Chambord-based beverages and a pairing dish from the likes of a veggie bennie to The Full Alchemist, complete with Bury black pudding and buttered sourdough toast.

Afters are just as showy, from bubblegum-flavoured ice cream to cotton candy baked Alsaka, apparently “boozy with fire” (and Grand Marnier). Sounds like you might need carrying to your cab.

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