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Cocktails at The Font Manchester
Cocktails at The Font Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

The Font Manchester

Restaurant - American

Best known for the creativity and double-take cheapness of its cocktails, The Font Manchester is perhaps the closest you’ll get to a student bar this side of Oxford Road Spar. 

Go in the daytime for big plates of American-style eats with plenty of chips on the side. Burgers, burritos, pizza, loaded fries: it’s the kind of food where knives and forks are an afterthought. And although it’s on the fast-and-dirty side of casual dining, it’s decent enough and home-cooked by their chefs. Also, it’s a couple of levels below NQ prices. 

Go at night and it’s cocktail central with prices starting from around £3 for a concoction that’ll horrify some and delight others. If you like unicorns, glitter and sweets, you’re either an eight-year-old girl, or you’re a big fan of Font’s drinks list.

Go for a mermaid lemonade or a Vimto margarita, or any manner of multicoloured slushes laced with an imaginative range of spirits and liqueurs. There’s also beers and wines of course (not everyone looks good with a rainbow-hued jam jar in their hand).

The atmosphere is as you’d expect from a bar where the e-numbers in the drinks are almost as potent as the alcohol content. Happy, giddy, all about the good times. Everyone needs somewhere like Font on their bar rota.

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The Font, New Wakefield Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 236 0944 www.fontbar.com/manchester
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