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West Yorkshire

The Moorcock Inn

Restaurant - Modern British

An astonishing arrival on the Northern culinary scene, The Moorcock Inn serves foraged and regional ingredients in thrilling configurations, catching the eye of national food critics and diners alike.

The Moorcock team are Alisdair Brooke-Taylor (chef) and Aimee Turford (front of house). They worked together in Australia then at Belgium’s much-missed Michelin star, In De Wulf. They opened this joint venture in 2017, and quickly had a success on their hands.

The setting is back-to-basic pub, with a bar in one room, restaurant space in the other. The menu could include crispy fish skin and tarts of foraged berries, wood-roasted goat, leeks with new season garlic and pickled plums, homemade black pudding, roasted beeswax ice cream and cascades of herbs and leaves that go way beyond plate dressing.

Wines are largely natural and from small producers, while traditional Belgian beers are another strength. A star that looks set to eclipse many of its neighbours.

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