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The reception at HR Physio and Wellness in Manchester city centre
The reception at HR Physio and Wellness in Manchester city centre
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Manchester City Centre

HR Physio and Wellness Centre

Therapeutic Services

Part spa, part physiotherapy clinic, HR Physio and Wellness is on a mission to get you feeling your best. Their varied services range from cosmetic treatments to nutrition advice to injury recovery – they’re not wrong when they say they offer a holistic approach.

On the physio side, their trained physiotherapists complete an initial assessment before devising a tailored treatment plan using stretches, massage, exercise and K-taping. Clients can also use their Huber 360 machine to aid recovery, and their Meditrac decompression device which is designed to treat back and neck pain.

On the beauty side, their most popular service is the cellulite-reducing and toning endermologie – a non-invasive anti-aging treatment available for the face and body. Other services include weight management and various types of massage including hot stones and lymphatic drainage.

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HR Physio and Wellness Centre, 55 King St, Manchester M2 4LQ, UK
Tel: 0161 832 7923 www.hrphysioandwellness.com
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