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Homeware from Nordic Muse in Manchester
Homeware from Nordic Muse in Manchester
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Northern Quarter

Nordic Muse


Nordic Muse is the opposite of fast-fashion or Amazon. This beautifully-curated Tib Street store is full of Scandi inspiration and artisan finds, prioritising craftsmanship, simplicity and timeless design.

From feelgood socks that deserve to be a visible part of your outfit to tactile stoneware mugs and chunky understated candleholders, everything is lovely, like a passport to an Instagram lifestyle.

It’s all very quiet luxury. We may not have the Montecito mansion, but with some silver hoop earrings, a snuggly-soft eco-conscious woven throw made from recycled cotton and some Onsen bath salts, we’re close enough.

Nordic Muse, 106 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LR, UK
Tel: 07713 051697 nordicmuse.com
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