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Abeja Tapas Bar announces closure

Confidential Guides    2 years ago

Tiny tapas bar says ‘Adios’ and ships out of home at Hatch

It’s always sad to hear about a great restaurant closing. And we have to say that the recent news that Manchester’s smallest tapas bar, Abeja has closed the doors to its shipping container on Oxford Road for the final time is an incredible loss to the city.

In a touching Instagram post, the team stated that “difficult operating conditions” were a large factor in the closure and that its little home at Hatch beneath the Mancunian Way would be closing.

Back in 2019, our own Gordo described the food cooked by the team as “little pieces of heaven”¬†and recently its berenjenas fritas con miel aubergine “chips” – were named amongst our favourite things to to eat in Manchester.

All is not lost, however. If rumours are to be believed, Ana and her partner James have found another location much closer to their own home in a south Manchester suburb where they hope to continue the success of their little Spanish-inspired gem.

Hopefully Abeja Tapas Bar will be back on Confidential Guides very soon.

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