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The 5 x 5: Lisa Goodwin-Allen

5 years ago
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5 essential spices, herbs or flavours

LGA: “Basil, lovage, lemon verbena, miso and Schezuan peppercorns”

5 quick dinners you make at homeĀ 

LGA: “Mixed veg stir fry, Tomato refogado (a Portuguese sauce often used as a base), grilled chicken or mixed meats and aubergine, Spanish omelette, tinned tomatoes on toast with grated cheese, and salt.”

5 lessons you have learned in your career so far

LGA: “Work hard, never quit, be passionate, be driven and strive to be the best you can be.”

5 things you still want to learn

LGA: “I want to continue to learn about the different food influences across the world (er, that’s not five).”

5 words that should never appear on a menu

(Lisa forgot to answer this one, so we’ve taken the liberty of answering the question on her behalf.)

“Toenail, ketamine, ashtray, Buddha bowl, sperm.”

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