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The 5 x 5: Paco Perez, Tast, Manchester

5 years ago
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Five favourite flavours/spices/herbs.

PP “The ocean – umami, the forest, freshness, heat, spice.”

Five things you loved to eat as a child.

PP “Fried eggs, French fries, white beans with butifarra – a kind of Catalan sausage, cod, and canelones – Catalonian pasta filled with meat.”

Five things you (would) never eat

PP “In the past, I thought I would never eat bugs but then I went to Mexico and I ate them.”

Which bugs did you eat?

PP “I ate worms, ants, bees (yes, bees!) – just to try, I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. I wouldn’t eat vermin, like rats, or any animal that I had feelings about like a pet: a cat or a dog or a guinea pig, I wouldn’t eat dolphin. ”

Five life lessons you have learned.

PP “That you only have a few friends.

That the kitchen unifies people.

That we could have a better world.

That borders and flags shouldn’t exist.

That humans are a fantastic species but they very often make mistakes.”

Five quick dinners you make at home

PP “Green peas, rice, vegetables, fish, prawns.”

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