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The 5 x 5: Sam Buckley, Where The Light Gets In

5 years ago
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5 pieces of kitchen equipment you couldn’t live without

SB: “Funnily enough I have 5 top chefs.”

5 essential spices, herbs or flavours

SB: “That’s tricky, that’s like five favourite albums, flavours come and go, its why they’re called flavours.”

5 quick dinners you make at home

SB: “I rarely cook at home but anything in my big Le Creuset. So, fish stews, casseroles, pot roasts, etc. I love cheese and toast with sriracha, scrambled eggs in the morning, I’m out of ideas, I generally eat out.”

5 favourite cookbooks

SB “I love collecting microwave cookbooks from the eighties, they’re hilarious and a good watershed of what was ‘posh’ back in the day.”

5 words that should never appear on a menu

“Assemblage, oozing, smothered, ’kids eat free’, facon.”

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