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Atomeca at Deansgate Square is an all-day European drinkery. It’s a small, comfortable space with tables breaking out into the airy foyer.

In the morning it serves coffee and locally-baked pastries while in the evening it becomes a rather sweet little wine bar. There are weekly specials and there is a more interesting selection of wines than most bars offer.

As well as wines you can enjoy cocktails, a small but well-chosen range of beers and soft drinks.

Don’t miss aperitivo hour from 5pm – 6pm where you can unwind from the pressures of the day.

If you like the wines, Atomeca is also a bottle shop so you can take away your favourites to enjoy at your leisure.

Deansgate Square General Store, Owen Street, Manchester M15 4YB, UK
Tel: 07391 808075 atomeca.co.uk
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