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Manchester City Centre

Fab Cafe Bar


Is it really a drunken night out in Manchester if you don’t (at least consider) heading to Fab Cafe? Or Fab Cafe Bar to use it’s never normally used full name.

This late-opening bar on Portland Street is known for its heady mix of retro TV memorabilia,  gaudily-coloured cocktails, and soundtrack of the finest indie bangers heard this side of the The Ritz, circa 1995.

Weekends, after about 11pm, are when it really comes to life as a place to dance, drink and molest the replica Dalek by the DJ pit (actually, don’t do this – you’ll get chucked out).

Or head there in the week for a less raucous crowd. There’s Dungeons and Dragons gaming evenings, WWE Wrestling screenings, and themed ‘Nerd Nights’ focusing on particular films or cult TV programmes. If you self-identify as ‘geek’, you’ll love it in here.

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Fab Café Bar, Portland Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 212 2997 www.fabcafe.co.uk
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