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Love From - an alcohol-free bar in Manchester city centre.
Love From - an alcohol-free bar in Manchester city centre.
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Love From


Karl Considine, host and founder of ‘What Next’ podcast, opened alcohol-free bar Love From as a two-week pop-up in October 2023. It’s returning in 2024 for Dry January and beyond with a three-month run in the elevated Bungalow building at Kampus, where it’ll offer a zero-booze mix of sober curious events, drinks and socialising.

Highlights on the menu include their ‘nonalc’ fizz, and their dry version of the espresso martini and spicy margarita. Creating complex, AF cocktails that you can slowly savour is a skill and these guys have it down to a T.

Look out for upcoming events such as sober networking nights (yes, it is possible) and a Sip and Sculpt evening where you can enjoy sophisticated drinks while crafting your own ceramics.  

Love From, Aytoun Street, Manchester, UK
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