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The interior of Manchester's only Michelin star restaurant, Mana in Ancoats.
The interior of Manchester's only Michelin star restaurant, Mana in Ancoats.
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Manchester City Centre


Restaurant - Modern British

Michelin-starred restaurant Mana is the brainchild of chef patron Simon Martin who mastered his trade at the renowned Noma in Copenhagen. In his first few years at Mana, Martin has succeeded in carving his own path – one which confuses and delights people in equal measure.

Everything they do at Mana is meticulously researched and organised, from the kitchen itself, divided into four sections by temperature (hot, cold, ambient and freezing), to the menu, which is developed and tested with scientific precision. They take food very, very seriously here.

The focus is on using the best seasonal British produce available to create unique dishes which celebrate the power of nature’s elemental forces.

While they describe their dining experience as ‘informal’, this is not somewhere you go for a casual bite to eat with workmates. Many of the ingredients are foraged by the chefs themselves, but this is ‘Wild Dining’ in more ways than one.

Prepare to be dazzled with a tasting menu of around 12-17 plates, several of which will almost certainly feature something you have never eaten before, or possibly even heard of.

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