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Liverpool's oldest pub: Ye Hole In Ye Wall
Liverpool's oldest pub: Ye Hole In Ye Wall
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Liverpool City Centre

Ye Hole In Ye Wall


Ye Hole In Ye Wall is not, as you might imagine, an ancient times ATM, but it is Liverpool’s oldest pub, dating from 1726. There’s a definite sense of history but one that hasn’t been beautifully refurbished; it’s still very much a boozer.

You’ll find a good selection of cask ales with six hand pulls, keg beers and a well kept cellar. There’s a mix of mainstream lagers and craft options by indies so there’s something for everyone. You might be surprised to find quite an interesting range of gins too.

The pub is known for live music at the weekends, including a Sunday afternoon singalong. There’s a lineup of regular performers who are very popular with the locals. As well as music, the pub also shows the football

Food is limited to bags of crisps but, excitingly, you can order food from neighbours Castro’s and enjoy big Spanish sandwiches and tapas.


Ye Hole In Ye Wall, 4 Hackins Hey, Liverpool L2 2AW, UK
Tel: 0151 227 3809 yeholeinyewallwebsite
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